Is there a way to customize Cloudflare's cache to work with WordPress login?

I was browsing through this article( to implement “Cache additional content at Cloudflare” functionality on our site.

However, the problem is we are allowing our users to log in to the site from any page. We don’t have a specific portion of the site dedicated to logged-in users. So, I was wondering if it would be possible for us to use this functionality alongside with current login system?

If a single page can have a different appearance for different users, then it can’t be cached. If you cached it, then people would see the page from the perspective of other users–and that would be very bad! Personal information and private conversations could potentially be exposed.

Cloudflare should automatically choose adequate caching options for each resource out-of-the-box, particularly with WordPress. You shouldn’t need to fiddle with the options much, if at all. What you may want to do is follow the instructions here to enable HTTP/2 server push. That will yield better results than caching alone, and it has the potential to significantly decrease page load times. You shouldn’t need to make additional configuration changes beyond what’s described in that article.

I understand. I will install the plugin and see if that improves the speed or not.

Thanks for your help Zenexer.

I had never used the plugin myself, but I just installed it on a site to test. Everything worked well for me; if you run into any issues, let me know.

Sure. Thanks.

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