Is there a way to create an unlimited amount of scripts? Cloudflare Workers Service

Remember that you can add up to 1Mb, have the same worker for all your domains, and manage triggers base on URLs

30 workers is an increase of 30x from the initial Cloudflare Worker Service. :smile:

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Atleast let me pay for extra workers :wink:

Depends though, if you had >30 domains before you had 1 worker script per domain. Now it’s 30 no matter how many domains you have…

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So I guess I will let u guys know about what I wanted to do. I was interested in building a platform built ontop of Cloudflare Workers… and I could use the API to deploy pre-built apps to clients domains and such. Now obviously that won’t be possible with only 30 scripts on 1 account. I would need to become a Cloudflare partner I believe, so I could create an account for the user and then I get 30 scripts for deploying to their domain. However I just hate having to think about that what if scenario of what if I happen to need more in the future, etc. Ofc I can always ask for a higher limit… but still I hate thinking about things like this. I had a conversation with Rita about this and I told her… I mean I would even be willing to pay for more scripts (if I needed it for a particular domain/account). Similar to how Page Rules work for example on Cloudflare (you can buy more if you need). I understand the cost to host an “unlimited” amount of scripts can’t be free to the user… which is why I think there should be a pricing model for allowing users to pay for “x” more scripts.

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P.S - Was telling Rita that Cloudflare needs to develop a P2P CDN, so they can obviously enhance their CDN speed potentially and it would obviously be cheaper in the long run.