Is there a way to create an unlimited amount of scripts? Cloudflare Workers Service

Say I want to start a service thats backed upon Cloudflare Workers… is there some program that Cloudflare has that would allow me to store/manage user’s scripts? I believe I saw the limit for 1 user account is 30 scripts?

The partner program allows you to manage customer accounts. However, the clients will be able to access the script source-code in this case.

There’s also the Cloudflare App store, however, Cloudflare will take a big chunk of the profits.

I planned on using multiple accounts instead, one account per client.

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With the partner program… they would be limited to 30 scripts aswell right? That’s kinda limiting imo… idk :confused: @thomas4

There’s always a 30x script limit on all types of accounts afaik.

That’s a shame :confused: I’m sure they have these limits in place because they are deploying your code to every single server in all locations… so with unlimited scripts; some users could take up alot of disk space :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s to avoid them competing with their own App store, but I’m just speculating.

Would be nice for an official answer, I just got a canned one from support.

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Yeah I mean I wanted to build a platform where users could deploy like React, VueJS, GraphQL API’s with ease (all deployed to Cloudflare Workers) :confused: Right now Cloudflare Workers work great… but they lack in ease of deploying applications that people actually want to deploy. They have a few cool templates but nothing worth calling home about :stuck_out_tongue: My service would not be an App Store per say :confused:

Sounds like Cloudflare App is what you need to use. You can crate such apps and users can install them on their sites/domains without access to the worker code.

I wonder if I could create new Cloudflare accounts for users (per domain). I mean that could work possibly… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to try, but I’m waiting for official answer before going ahead.

I didn’t see this problem before they introduced the limit, kind of a bummer.

Reaching out to Kenton to see whats up :slight_smile: I will let you know if I get any info! Thanks for all your replies and help!

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Please post what you find out :smiley:

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Like I told Kenton, it would be cool to see Cloudflare adopt a similar approach to how offers their services. So you can obviously upload your own code and edit your own stuff on Now, however they also offer a really amazing API that allows developers to create FaaS platforms on top of Zeit Now. Cloudeflare workers is imo alot better than the other serverless providers out there… esp since they use v8 isolates instead of slow lambda functions, etc.

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I feel like them locking down their platform so that people are forced to build App’s through Cloudflare would be a super bummer. I’m sure they probably aren’t ready for this though quite yet and why it hasnt already happened. I know’s API took quite awhile before they were ready to offer this.

Fully agree with that sentiment, the only way to compete is to be open and provide the tools that make businesses thrive. Which is why Wordpress works so well, easy to get started, plugins for everything and all supported by agencies and plugin makers.

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For both of you, @dmitry and @thomas4. I have been told that contacting support could get your limit lifted if you need it.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.


I recall @jgc saying at Cloudflare Connect that the limits are slightly arbitrary as they figure out where appropriate limits should be, but that a call to support can get them changed.


Yeah. I asked Jen directly. She told me the same thing.

@michael @jgc @matteo @thomas4 here is the response I got back from Cloudflare Support? “But we seem to have run out of available worker scripts” ? uhhh what lol

Mmm that seems strange. Let me reach out to some people…

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