Is there a way to bypass the hotlink per specific domain?


I am having an issue with hotlink protection and was wondering if you could help me, please?

I would like to filter out hotlink protection for and because when hotlink protection is on my featured images get broken on these sites when I share my url.

I went to PageRules but could not find a way to filter out these domains so they do not get hotlink protection.

Is there a way to bypass the hotlink per specific domain?

Thank you!

You should be able to create a page rule to disable security (including scrape shield, hotlinking etc.) on the relevant paths on your site.

The documentation says you can use a hotlink-ok folder, but I recall some threads on this Community where it is reported as not working.

You may be able to use a Cloudflare Worker:

Yes, you can use a Firewall Rule like:


Regex matches are only on Business and Enterprise plans, but you can try playing with “contains” or “does not contain”.


Thank you for the screenshot and the instructions, this was helpful, however, when I tried to do the same, in the Operators section I did not find matches regex.

This is what I have see there:

Also, If I want to add twitter too, is this how I do it?


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