Is there a way to automate DNS record creation?

Hi folks,

I have a reseller hosting account with a network of websites.

Every time I create a new subdomain etc I manually copy the DNS records from the site’s Cpanel into its Cloudflare DNS zone manager.

Is there any way to automate this process?

If there were, somehow, a way to sync the two DNS zone editors it would probably need to be a Cpanel --> Cloudflare one way sync upon new record creation — because some of the Cpanels contain outdated zone files.


This is what the Cloudflare Hosting Partner program is set up is for.

There might be a cPanel plugin for this, but I don’t use cPanel.

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Ah thank you!

My host actually does have a Cloudflare option in Cpanel but I still don’t see any option to sync the DNS entries. So I guess it’s just with those (full) partners.

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