Is there a way to auto-populate my Google Apps MX records?



Not currently, but if that is something you would like to see please feel free to provide feedback.


+1 for this. It’s always a chore to have to do this manually.


would love this

can we import partial dns zones ? maybe have a preset Google App MX zone template we can import ?


Would a script to do this with the API be useful or is that too high of a barrier for the average user?


maybe worth doing

Though maybe Cloudflare should come up with their own noobie friend wrapper script to manage the CF API. I know there’s 3rd party wrappers out there but an official CF one would be nice ie. cfcli

update DNS A record

./cfcli dns-update add A IPADDR

add Google App MX

./cfcli dns-update import MX GAPP


+1 for a pre-populate DNS for G Suite MX Records


Found and tested importing G Suite Mx records using this bind file (can copy and paste into a txt file and then use the advanced setting on the DNS tab to import).

Didn’t test the verification records because I don’t have a G Suite account, but no reason it shouldn’t work.


nice find @cscharff :thumbsup:

maybe Cloudflare DNS export feature could also allow selective DNS record exports or migrations between Cloudflare site DNS zones ? already has Google App MX records so I can select those records and on advanaced export optionally export or copy them to on Cloudflare too or multiple sites on Cloudflare.


This is perfect! A total time saver! I tested with the verification records and DKIM and it worked perfectly.