Is there a way to apply CloudFlare on a specific subdirectory only?


I have a question about applying CloudFront to specific sub-foloder.

My website is multilingual and its structure is as follows: each websites runs independently and is not networked.

On the physical server, their paths are:

  • /var/www/
  • /var/www/

Is there a way to apply it to the subdirectories ( as well?

I tried entering under DNS, but it not allowed

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

You could proxy only a certain language, but it would require a subdomain for that language, redirecting all requests for that language to that subdomain and then rewriting the requests back to the old path.

It is very ugly and nearly pointless.

Is there a good reason why you would want to do this instead of proxying all languages?

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Hi, Thank you for your response.

What you described sounds similar to a reverse proxy.

But is it possible to have only the subdomain use Cloudflare’s proxy and route to the root domain that doesn’t use Cloudflare’s proxy?

The reason I’m choosing this stupid method is because Cloudflare doesn’t work well in South Korea.

South Korea’s network costs are among the highest in the world, and if i use Cloudflare, Traffic from South Korea will have to go through the US and then back to South Korea.

To properly use CloudFront in South Korea, we must be on at least the Enterprise plan.

So I hope to use Cloudflare for English and other languages.

That is what Cloudflare is.

You could create a subdomain for Korea, such as and set it to :grey: DNS Only. That would result in that subdomain traffic not using the Cloudflare proxy.


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