Is there a way i can send bucket event notifications to my callback url after uploading to R2 Bucket?

i am really looking for a way to connect R2 Bucket upload to my backend service

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R2 has no callbacks or notifications for bucket actions at the moment.
If you handle uploads (multipart or normal) through a Cloudflare Worker: Use the R2 multipart API from Workers · Cloudflare R2 docs, you could create your own notifications/call any callback url.
Or you could just have your user call your API after the upload is complete and check it.

i wanted to generate signed urls which call my backend api upon upload completion .Is there a way i can achieve that

No way to make R2 call your backend API for you. You’d have to make the client do it.

Thanks for that. Seems like i will have to my callback on my own after file upload is completed on my frontend app via the signed urls .

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If i may ask is there a way i can check if a file exists in r2 storage from a cloudflare worker

You can, yea. Using R2 Bindings in a Worker you can do every operation (HEAD, GET, PUT, DELETE, LIST, Multipart):

You’d just do a HEAD or a GET and check if the R2Object returned is null

when making the head request is the key the filename that i am trying to upload so that i can append a uuid to the file to prevent replacement of existing file

Key is filename yep, folders/etc are all virtual, so it’d be the entire path if that makes sense, ex: key might be cookies/2023/11/02/newcookie.jpg