Is there a way flag a specific content-type to be compressed?

I have a static site at which when loaded transfers 2.0MB.

I have a cloudflare set up to serve it through which when loaded transfers 3.9MB

There reason for this disparity is the site serves .dll files which have a content-type of application/x-msdownload which are gzipped at the origin but no compression when served through Cloudflare

Is there any way to specify content-type application/x-msdownload to use compression

Hi @alek1.

This file type is not on the list, so I don’t think so.

I’d open a support ticket to inquire whether there are plans to compress this specific file type in the roadmap.

:wave: @alek1,

If it is being served from the origin compressed, you can have Cloudflare serve it in the same fashion using a no-transform cache control header on your origin.



Thanks that worked


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