Is there a video size UPLOAD limit in the stream api?

I can upload a video of 2gb to Stream using the web app page, but my custom Azure worker that is trying to upload a video of 267Mb through the Tus API is getting the following error:
The remote server returned an error: (413) Payload Too Large.

What is the restriction? API?

or is it this:

Is the chunk size set to 5mb?

Thank you for the reply. I am currently awaiting a response from my developer. He is overseas, so I think that he is sleeping right now…lol
(I didnt know that developers actually slept :slight_smile:

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aka “debugging” :slight_smile:

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I’m a .NET guy, but this TUS stuff is greek to me.
My developer is making progress at 5MB chunks, but the last chunk keeps failing.

2020-02-18T22:21:34.548 [Information] Sending part #65
2020-02-18T22:21:37.732 [Information] Sending part #66
2020-02-18T22:21:37.960 [Information] Sending part #67
2020-02-18T22:21:58.599 [Error] Executed ‘FunctionCloudFare’ (Failed, Id=c90deef3-efca-44b0-8d44-ea577b1e49f4) The remote server returned an error: (413) Payload Too Large.

I would have LOVED to see Cloudflare make a .NET Wrapper for TUS that was specific to their Stream product. Something that we could fire up onto a Azure worker process and duplicate it for growth as nec.

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