Is there a productive way to use subdomain root?

When we work with workers, we are all provided with a free subdomain like ‘’. This helps us develop workers even without any domains routed to it.

But if you try, it is not resolved to do anything helpful. So I want to know if someone found any way to make it work for some useful things or at least Cloudflare is planning to provide some resolved to use to point it to some GitHub pages at least for some documentation purposes.

I don’t understand your question

You can register your own domain, e.g and then add it to your Cloudflare account, from there you can select your domain, then the “Workers” option, and then use the routes feature to make run the worker worker.

This is not about custom domains. This is about free subdomain already allocated to each user when using workers. If you use worker and you picker subdomain But when you create a worker bot, it is automatically assigned (assuming worker name is bot). But here ‘’ link is unresolved. I am pretty sure cloudflare would not use user allocated subdomain for their official links.

Oh I see what you mean, you want the to be able to have its own page/worker

Exactly! If cloudflare could give an option in worker page to add some custom dns resolver or predefined resolver like github pages, it would be great. But sadly not. So I wonder if someone had this thought and found something useful to do with it.

CF does not allow you to put anything on your “root” subdomain at this time.