Is there a problem with SRV records?

Domain: oceanwatcher com

I have set up a number of SRV records to make it easier for email clients to get the correct configuration, but it seems that Thunderbird still have problems.

Also, I can not get the SRV records listed with the tools I normally use. It seems Cloudflare does not send them out…

diggui com

Maybe I am just completely misunderstanding how to get dig to show all records in my dns. That is the main thing. I would like to make sure all the records gets propagated. All records should have propagated days ago.

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I can find your email SRV records using dig.

dig srv +short
0 1 993
dig srv +short
0 1 587

I don’t know that Thunderbird ever implemented account configuration using SRV records. Although I no longer use Thunderbird as my MUA, I still host an autoconfig.xml for Thunderbird account auto-configuration from the period when I did use that MUA.

Thank you for replying!

You asked for the specific srv record. Is there a way to list all DNS records for a certain domain?

I will check with Thunderbird if the srv records are supported.

What email program do you use now?

No, not with a single public query. If it is your zone, you could export the data, but from context, that isn’t what you are asking about.

I can’t find any documentation that indicates they ever implemented support for it. There is a 16 year old open issue in their bug tracker.

Kontact, which is just Kmail as a component of the KDE PIM. I am open to replacing it, if I can find an alternative that meets my requirements. For now, it is the best I can find in a shrinking pool of bad options.

Your SRV records on Cloudflare look fine. It’s pretty trivial to write an autoconfig.xml file and host it on on your web server. If you don’t want to create an autoconfig hostname, you can use the apex domain.

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