Is there a problem between cloudflare and ISP Telkom Indonesia?

A few days ago my site had a speed problem, I thought it was caused by a plugin or cache, but after I cleared all the cache on the site and cloudflare, then deactivated the plugin, the problem remained. But when I use VPN, my site speed returns to normal. Here I know that there is a problem between Cloudflare and the ISP Telkom that I use. So what should I do, do I have to temporarily disable cloudflare from my site and when will this problem be resolved?

The problem still exists today!

Go to /cdn-cgi/trace

What colo do you see? Ideally it should be nearest (prioritised by current plan).

I can’t find the trace folder on cdn-cgi that is on my hosting.

I do not mean checking in File Manager instead going to that path in browser address bar.

You should see message like this if Cloudflare proxy is enabled.

Try to visit again

there was a long thread about 2 month ago related to problem with Telkom Indonesia and cloudflare. Cloudflare said issue at Telkom and both company never tried to resolve the issue. (or they tried and failed)

Thanks for the tips, I saw colo LAX

Thanks for the information, it looks like the problem has been resolved now and is back to normal. But sometimes it happens again. I don’t know why this happened?

You were routed to DC near Los Angeles, USA

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