Is there a number limit to the IP Acces rules?


Good morning and sorry for my english,

I’d like to ask you if there is a number limit to the IP Access rules or if this post is old

In one of my Free account I’ve blocked 500 IPs but I see that I can add more (in any case I’m deleting old IPs to stay below 500).

I ask you that because in the Dashboard there is no indication about the 500 IPs limit.

Am I allowed to add more than 500 IPs? I’ve a Free plan and only one zone


@cloonan can I kindly ask you if you have an official answer to my question?


The explanation is pretty clear, in my opinion.

The number if IP rules you can add in the threat control panel is variable based on the number of active zones on your Cloudflare account and the subscription level of each zone.

Each zone at the Free level of service is allocated 500 rules.
Each zone at the Pro level of service is allocated 1,000 rules.
Each zone at the Business level of service is allocated 2,000 rules.
Each zone at the Enterprise level of service is allocated 10,000 rules.

For example, if you have two zones at the Free level of service and one at the Pro level, the IP rule limit for your Cloudflare account will be 2,000 rules.

A rule is a row, so up to 500 IPs/IP ranges/ASN/Countries per free zone, the total is a cumulative per account, so if you have 10 free sites one can have 5000 with the others at 0.

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Thank you for your kind reply @matteo, I asked that because I tried to add 501 rules and I was able to do it, then I deleted the additional IP to stay below 500 after that I read the link that I published. I’ve only one website and zone one zone in a free plan.

For this reason and because I didn’t see indications about the 500 limit in the dashboard and at this link I thought that the article was old.


Could it be that some of those rules are disabled?


Thank you for your reply @matteo. All the 500 IP Access rules are active. I really don’t understand if there is a bug or if I’m allowed to add more than 500 rules.


That is something only @cloonan and maybe not even him, but only the team that handles those products.

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Thank you @matteo, I hope Cloonan will be able to help me with my question.

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Hi @MCGuest, still looking to see if there were changes when we did the recent update…looking…

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