Is there a maximum number of destination e-mail addresses?

It seems like you can only have 10 destination addresses. If you add an 11th, one of the 10 disappears so you can’t have more than 10. Is this “by design” or is this a bug? I can’t see anything in the documentation about a limitation. Is there a planned maximum number of destination addresses?

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It’s a bug and it will be fixed soon.


Will there be a planned limit or is it effectively unlimited? I have a use case that could go up to 200.

Pretty much unlimited, within reasonable amounts.

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Is there a place we can track when this bug will be fixed, or is it just periodic trial-and-error to see if it’s still there?

I think one of the employes that already commented will come back once it’s fixed and inform us about.

It’s in the pipeline, I would expect to be fixed next week.


I completely missed this. hope this is fixed. 10 is too few if you have more than 10 domains. was the previous verified still verified? the dropdown only list 10.

In my case the previous verified were still verified once I deleted the extra ones… (I verified 10, then added an 11th and one of the 10 fell off… then I deleted the 11th and the one that fell off came back and it was still verified).

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Thanks, looking forward to it.

am seeing the additional destination emails. thanks.

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