Is there a mail issue when activating Cloudflare through Bluehost CPANEL?

I want to activate Cloudflare CDN on one of my websites that is hosted through Bluehost. This is my first time interacting with Cloudflare. Bluehost offers a way to activate Cloudflare through their CPANEL by clicking an “activate” button.

My question is this:

If I start to set up activation through Cloudflare directly, they warn that the MX record reveals the IP and also Cloudflare has a document ( which suggests that getting mail to work right with Cloudflare is a complicated process and requires a bunch of steps.

However, I see nothing like that on the Bluehost activation site. They don’t warn about MX, there’s no mention of mail issues, and if I ask their support team, they say there will be no problem and that if there is, we can just point the MX back to Bluehost and Cloudflare will still work and mail will work too.

Something feels a little off to me, but I don’t know if it is. Has anyone experienced activating Cloudflare through Bluehost directly? Is there an issue with mail/MX?

Is your domain/website already pointed to Cloudflare nameservers?
If yes, could you share a screenshot of your DNS records at Cloudflare?

Kindly, see here:

Yes, you can point your MX record to an A with the IP address of your hosting provider (Bluehost) or to an CNAME. Also this record should be :grey: cloud.

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