Is there a hook to run node script, something like partial deploy

How to add “hook” which would run only the build command like “npm run build”, so not the whole deployment but only the build part of deploy?


You are looking to only do a build but not deploy?

Can you explain your use case?

Sure, thank you for taking time to answer.
I want to execute build command whenever content gets updated in cms. When user create or edit some post in wp/directus/contentful, after the post is saved I would have Deploy hook fired and the website would be generated as static site to Cloudflare pages by 11ty or Astro or Svelte kit. Usually, there is no need for anything but build part of the process if content is only thing that is changing so I would like to fire only “npm/yarn run build” and not “fetch from repo > install dependencies > get content from rest/graphql api > build the site.” It could be done manually on.button click or after post save/edit.

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I’m looking to solve this issue as well. Anything you have so far to tackle this?