Is there a free trial for Business plan?

Hi, I would like to test the Cloudflare business plan under trial. But I don’t see an option

Anyone else tried for the same? Any help is appreciated.


Generally speaking there is no such thing. You’ll have to sign up and can cancel after a month if it is not to your liking. Of course you could contact sales and ask if they can have a special provision for you, but I’d rather doubt it.

What do you want to test? The basic features are the same as on the Free plan and everything that’s on top is is relatively clearly explained and won’t require “testing”.

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for your response.

I was trying to contact sales and end up asking here in the community, couldn’t find any other way. Can you help me with that?

What I wanted to test is the working of my application with Cloudflare, but I don’t want to switch my NS to Cloudflare and I came to know the CNAME setup starts only from the business plan. In future also I’m not thinking of switching NS to Cloudflare so thought of testing cloudflare business plan itself.


I am afraid a CNAME setup does require a Business plan. Maybe your host offers a Cloudflare integration (in which case you wouldn’t need to change nameservers) or you could switch to a host which offers that, but that’s equivalent to changing nameservers.

As for a trial, only sales could make that call, but as I mentioned I’d doubt it.

Hi Sandro,

The CNAME setup requires a business plan as per my understanding, I have seen it in some other Cloudflare docs adding the link here Link

And my host is AWS, I couldn’t find an option there as well.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I wrote.

If you want to try Cloudflare and do not want to change the nameservers, you’ll really have to sign up for a month and can cancel after that month if you do not want keep it.


The easier way would be to setup your application on a separate test domain and sign up for Cloudflare free plan for that test domain and test your application to see if it works and fits your needs :slight_smile:




For starters, you are in violation of the forum rules as you are not supposed to use that tag before 72 hours.

Secondly, your question has been already answered, so I am not sure what “more help” you are actually asking for.

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