Is there a free model to optimise images and store on origin?

News announcement of a free model piqued my interest. But trying to get my head around how this might work.

Let’s say I have a WordPress website. Is there a method that allows automated upload of image to Cloudflare, resize it / optimise it and then restore it back to the origin server - without having to intervene or pay for it :wink: I know I can store it at the edge on CF servers, but that will cost some money and as I have this in mind for a charity website I work on, I’m hoping to do it for zero cost.

Is that what this new service offers? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? As it is so new, there’s not a lot of in depth info on how one might configure it to work with WordPress


What is the service you are referring to? I do not see any links posted to the feature/service in question you are referring too? Currently, we have these image products detailed below.

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