Is the pro plan have ticket support?

I got critical issue from yesterday with the ticket #2724005 and its supposed to be affected domain got pro plan but i didnt get help with the ticket the Priority auto changed from critical to normal without any reply or there is some one view the ticket without reply and let me wait in queue or its automatically changing i dont know , i send my notice here to know for future issues is there a support for paid plans or not ?

The Pro plan does receive ticketed support for account and technical issues, however the SLO is 5 days:

This means that it might take some time for you to get a reply. You can always post your issue in a new topic here and likely receive a quick response.

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Ok im going to wait and i think i will order a host from some company offer get free enterprise benefits so i can get support in the time i need since this issue related to Cloudflare false positive error


Alright, Community is still the recommended support method on Pro and we’ll be happy to help here if you do want to ask.

The ticket shows a TOS violation I believe, can you respond to that and let the agent know if you still require assistance?

Note that Cloudflare does not host sites, exceptions apply, but not in this case

off-course im still need assistance for this since im not using Cloudflare to serve those media files which i get penalty for and the Cloudflare got some rules to suspend any media ext without see if it serving at their network or its just redirecting url pointing to another storage server

I know thats Cloudflare not a hosting company i meant by my talk that i can get hosting from some company (CW) thats offer Cloudflare enterprise option with hosting Screenshot by Lightshot to get fast response with my tickets only :slight_smile:

as you checked the ticket could you check the provided link and tell me if it served by Cloudflare or its pointing to external storage outside Cloudflare ?

waiting your answer

Note this isn’t Cloudflare Enterprise and wouldn’t speed up your ticket response. This is putting your site through their Enterprise. Your support level is still the same.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: even this will not help :joy: OK Walshy Thanks for advice then its not necessary to get host there.

The Pro plan does receive ticketed support for account and technical issues, however the SLO is 5 days:

Hello domjh just for your records its 7 days and no answer received :slight_smile:

how i can send complains to Cloudflare managers about working support whois not exist ?


9 days without reply , wonderful :star_struck: im wondering if there is some issue related to free account is they expect reply within a year ?

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