Is the offer for yubikey promocode still valid?

How do I get a promocode for yubikey?

Should still be valid, please see post from below for the promotion link and more information:

Hello, I have a zero trust account and claimed the offer, but never received an email from them to claim the offer? Could you please help me in this matter, I would like to use the keys for my applications. Thanks very much for your help.

I think this is just a promo campaign :smiley:

Me and friends also have not received the coupon yet.
Yubico Support refers back to Cloudflare, Cloudflare only sends Yubico the e-mail addresses of eligible accounts.

The offer is almost at it’s end date. Is there any way to check if we meeting the requirements?

I got email today. You can buy max 4 yubico 5 with 10 USD each.

When did you press the claim offer button?

I’ve got my coupon as wel, but my friends are still waiting.

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