Is the new Transform Rule the same as ReWriteCond on?

Just curious if the new Transform Rule is the same as RewriteCond for .htaccess? If so what setting is need to have www to non-www url?

Unfortunately, transform rule does not rewrite hostnames. It only changes Paths and Queries.

Would it help to use a Page Rule to redirect www to non-www?

I set the page rule, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. Hoping to get and TYME Inc. - TYME to conquer advanced cancers to redirect to

The order of page rules is important. They are matched from top to bottom, and the first match is the only rule that is executed. So if you have a page rule above this redirect that matches something like ** then this redirect will never be reached.

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this is my first rule. Do I need to put an asterisk before www?

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