Is the new dashboard out?

Regarding the latest blog post:

I saw this:

My question is; should I be able to see that? On my account I only see the following:

There is an updated blog about this here Account Takeover Protection and WAF mitigations to help stop Global Brute Force Campaigns (

The new Firewall page will be available to all accounts later this month. In the meantime you have to contact support and request your domain/zone to be moved to the new Firewall (this is in the blog post: “While we work to accelerate the automatic deployment of the capability across these plans, you can file a support ticket with “Account Takeover Protections activation request” in the subject line to have it manually enabled today for your domains.”

You will need to turn Managed WAF off for this transition. You can then turn it on again with the new options shown in the screenshot.

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