Is the images metadata User modifyable?

The API docs describe the metadata as “User modifyable”, but I haven’t found a way to do that (short of deleting the image and re-uploading it).

Has anyone found away to modify the metadata of an image?


It isn’t to my knowledge since you also can’t do it in the dashboard. I think it’s meant to just literally say that it can be set by yourself.


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The documentation for the PATCH method has been updated. It can now be used to change the metadata associated with an image without reuploading or modifying the image itself (so the image id doesn’t change).
I believe this can be very useful to store related info (image status, associated products, range/order/version, etc)
The limit is 1024 bytes.
Metadata is retrieved when listing images (GET, 100 items max per page) but the method has no filter, so you can’t retrieve only images matching certain data.