Is the Free Cloudflare WAF Managed Ruleset active on my account?

Hi, I was looking at the blog post titled “WAF for everyone: protecting the web from high severity vulnerabilities” (sorry, I can’t link it here) and below the “The Free Cloudflare Managed Ruleset” heading on that post, there’s an image that shows the option to deploy the free managed ruleset under Security > WAF > Managed rules.

However, in my account, I see the following -

There are no options to deploy or configure it as shown in the image in the blog post.

Is the free managed ruleset enabled for me? I know it says “Free customers are receiving protection from the Cloudflare Free Managed Ruleset today.” and I guess it is already applied, but it’s a little confusing since it looks different from what I see on the blog post.


The dashboard is constantly evolving, so blog posts are naturally stuck in the past, when they were published.


Thank you once again, sdayman!

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