Is the community tip open for more people?

Ok, sometime late later year (I believe it was sometime in December) my account was silenced for “Multiple useless posts”! In the email, it (the person who silenced me) said “Please refrain from using the Community Tip designation. We will be introducing a process early next year that will enable more community members to to formally contribute content that is reviewed and vetted by others prior to publishing.” As mentioned, they said that a process would be introduced early this year that would allow more community members to submit content that is reviewed and vetted by others prior to publishing. My question is: Has that process been introduced yet? If not, could a more specific timeline (like what month) be given on when it will be introduced?

I presume that was referring to Community Tip - Creating an Expert Reply, however that format should be used infrequently and only where it contributes additional information to the community.


So in other words, I can create a community tip that can be reviewed and vetted prior to publishing, but I shouldn’t do it too frequently?

No, a Community Tip and an Expert Reply are two different things. Tips are officially created by staff.

I’m honestly not too sure how this works.

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