Is the CloudFlare Wordpress plugin & W3TC CloudFlare Extension necessary?

Hello again,

In an effort to continue to optimize I’m trying to eliminate plugins and such that I do not need. It seems to me that that Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin and the W3TC Plugin really just allow you to change settings without having to log in via the web, but you can also do that though cpanel if you want. I was able to find a bit of info that says the Extension will fix a user ip address issue, and the plugin has a special spam setting, but thats all I could find.

Are these two items necessary?
Also will it create problems if you are also signed into Cloudflare via cpanel? I had duplicate dns records according to Cloudflare for a couple days, then it seemed to have fixed itself.

I appreciate any info there is on this! Thanks.

If you are using W3 Total Cache, it has the things from Cloudflare.
They are both different plugins.

Do no mix and install both of them.
If you are using W3TC, it has “Extensions” and Cloudflare. Therefore, you can authentificate your Cloudflare account with email and API.
After successfull connect, you can change things in your WordPress W3TC dashboard for Cloudflare mostly just like you would with only the official WordPress Cloudflare plugin.

Conclusion, use only one.

For example, I use W3TC and their integrated CF plugin because I use benefits on my Web server from Redis, Memcached, Page Cache, etc.
But I also use Cloudflare for my domain, so that’s some way how can I quickly change few parameters for my domain.
Anything extra, I have to login to Cloudflare dashboard and change, just like setting up the Page Rules in Cloudflare dashboard to get it working with W3TC Page Cache, etc.

There is also an official Cloudflare APO for WordPress plugin to try out :slight_smile: