Is the Cloudflare service forbidden for ukranian users?

Got fully suspended from the service for the fraudulent activity. Last time i yesterday normally paid for a hosting, of course from my same bank card, but suddenly here got into frauding money… Since like… couple weeks ago. Outta blue. And this is,quote, improbable to be discussed “till our end”. Ehm… Lovely, but i don’t get it completely. And it’s fine if my assumption’s right, but sure without accusing me of stealing someones money, in this case i’d prefer some much more realistic cause like suspection of permanent ruining snowmans at winters nights

Any accounts that are disabled due to ToS violations (irrespective if you think that you didn’t, or it was a false positive) can only be dealt with by the Trust & Safety team.

You should have got an email detailing who to get in touch with - usually an abusereply email - who you can contact to appeal the decision.

I did and the answer is described by me

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