Is the CloudFlare Partner Program Dead?

Is the Cloudflare Partner Program even a thing anymore?

I submitted my application 2+ months ago. It said it could take up to a month to process. I’ve heard nothing. I replied to the email asking for an update. Undeliverable. I’ve emailed [email protected] and [email protected], both of them said someone would reach out within 3-days. Nothing. I called the Sales line, hoping to talk to somebody. All agents are busy, leave a message.

I love Cloudflare’s products, but this is nuts. If the Partner Program isn’t a thing anymore, why continue to let people apply and tell them someone will get back to them and nothing ever happens??

I need to make multiple purchases, but I’m not going to do that until Partner access is set up.

Anyone have any advice here?


The partner program has been “coming soon” for years now. I applied a very very long time ago, never heard anything, then a couple of months ago asked again, and was told they still hadn’t set it up yet and told me to apply again.
I wouldn’t hold your breath, the only option is just to markup the existing prices and provide it to customers through your own account.

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Exactly. I had looked into it some years ago myself. My take at that time was that until your volume reached thousands or possibly even tens of thousands of dollars a month, it was too soon to be trying to talk to Cloudflare.


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