Is the Cloudflare API rate limit per account, or per zone/domain, or per API token?


According to the docs, the overall rate limit for the Cloudflare API (v4) is 1200 requests per 5 minutes. Is this rate limit for my whole account, or for each zone/domain, or for each API token?

I doubt I’d ever hit it on just one of my websites, but as I add more domains to Cloudflare and integrate the API (mainly for per-URL cache purging/invalidation), I’m worried that I might sometimes hit the limit during a coincidental “burst” of activity on my sites. So I’m hoping that the rate limit is per-site/zone, or per API token.

If it is per-account, then it would be great to have the ability to portion out the rate limit to my sites individually, so, for example, one of my sites can’t bring down all of my sites due to a burst of activity, or some buggy code. In other words, I’d give (for example) 200 requests per 5-mins to each site. Unfortunately that would only allow me to have 6 sites on Cloudflare, but at least they’d be “safe” from one another in that case.


Hi @joe35, this limit applies per user and that limit is shared for all tokens created by a user

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Thanks, @cloonan. Is there a way to increase this (e.g. by paying/upgrading)? If I have 10 sites on my Cloudflare account, then they could each only use 120 requests per 5 minutes, i.e. ~1 request per 2 seconds. That probably wouldn’t be a problem still except for coincidental bursts of activity on multiple sites at once. If there’s no option to increase the limit, should I just create a separate account for each site, or something like that?

Hi @joe35, I did see incidents of increase but don’t know plan restrictions off hand. If you contact Support and ask them to increase it to 1500, or what you expect, I’ll dig for details of when/how that was done before and share it with you. I’m only seeing increase on enterprise accounts and will continue to research…

Edit: I think the best bet is to contact Support and ask them, I don’t see any restrictions based on plan type. Please share your ticket number here as I’d like to follow the progress.