Is the /cdn-cgi/ endpoint the only one Cloudflare adds to a domain it proxied?

In /cdn-cgi/ endpoint · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

When you add a domain to Cloudflare, Cloudflare adds a /cdn-cgi/ endpoint ( to that domain.

This endpoint is managed and served by Cloudflare. It cannot be modified or customized. The endpoint is not used by every Cloudflare product, but you may find some products that use the endpoint in its URL.

I’m just curious: Is the /cdn-cgi/ endpoint the only endpoint that Cloudflare adds to a domain proxied by Cloudflare?

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By default, yes.

If you issue a certificate with HTTP validation then Cloudflare will also serve some files under .well-known/ to support issuance.

And if you enable Cloudflare Fonts then it will add /cf-fonts/


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