Is SSL Analyzer exposing my other domains?

I am also interested to know if is possible to move a website from one Cloudflare account to another.
The reason why I want to do this is the following:

When I run the SSL Analyzer tool provided by Comodo, the report shows a list of 46 domains as “Alternative names”. All my domains that use Cloudflare services are in this report as “Alternative names”.
The tool:

So, anyone could run this tool to find all my websites/projects. Of course, there are other domains in the list that don’t belong to me but it’s not a big problem to visit all 46 websites, to check the “Contacts” section.

As I understand, the only way to avoid such a leak of information is to create a different account for each domain that use Cloudflare services. But have can I do it? Is it possible to move a domain to another account?

I moved this to a new topic so people can find it easier :slight_smile:

You are correct that other domains will show on the SSL :cert:. You don’t really need a tool to see this info. It should be accessible in any browser.

Domains from the same account often end up on the same :cert:, but it can also happen on different accounts.

If you have strong concerns about a domain being on the same :cert: as another domain (whether it’s yours or just has a name you don’t like) you have the option to purchase a dedicated certificate.

And if you decide you want to migrate a zone to a different account you can follow these instructions.