Is SaaS allowed?


we’re developing a SaaS application that allows our customers to publish contents online. All files will be server under the same domain and we’re considering using CloudFlare as CDN. I’d like to know if this kind of project (so not a standard website) complies with the CF terms, even if we charge a fee from our customers.



I dont think this should be any problem. But @cloonan or @cscharff should be able to definitely clarify this, alternatively you could open a support ticket. But again, I’d be surprised if that was a problem.


Thanks for your reply Sandro, that’s great.
Let’s see if @cloonan or @cscharff will confirm that.



There’s no reason you can’t use Cloudflare for that. However, if in the future you want to allow customers to point to your origin you’ll either need a gray clouded origin for them to point to or a plan which supports managed cname/ssl for Saas.

We have tons of SaaS providers off all shapes and sizes, free and paid using Cloudflare. Welcome aboard.


Thanks man!