IS rocket-loader changing the logic of my site and breaking functionalities?


I am using CF in a Wordpress blog.
All seemed good, but I noticed something strange.

I have a menu navbar. This menu navbar has some menu items that have a sub-menu.
The ones that have a sub-menu are not clickable anymore on their upper level.

How to simulate?

  1. Go to contact page (or whatever other page):
  2. Try to click on “WORKSHOPS” in the navbar - it doesn’t enter even though it has an a href.
  3. On Chrome, right click “WORKSHOPS” => Inspect => Elements => Event listenets (when the highlight is on)
  4. Expand the “click” event and click on “remove” on the followin a:


Now it is possible to click on “WORKSHOPS” - any idea anyone?

Thank you

Try turning it off and see. If that doesn’t help, you can try turning off any minification that is enabled to see if that helps.

Settings are in the dashboard here…


Thank you! I didn’t know I can disable only Rocket Loader!
I did it, repeated the steps and found out that the problem is stil there, but now chrome shows my script.

I fixed my script and it now works fine. Thank you


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