Is Rate Limiting Necessary for Cloudflare Workers?

Hi Community,

I was wondering if Cloudflare Workers has any built-in rate limiting protection against attacks, or if the extra $5/Million/Requests is necessary. I just want to make sure that activating it wouldn’t be redundant.


Depends on what you use it for, but sure, if someone knows that you’re on workers and are ■■■■-bent on making your life a misery, then they could certainly do that. But this can be done to basically and cloud or server.

If it’s security related or if you’re writing a lot to the KV, then rate-limiting is very recommended.

Not that I know off. Pay the $5, KV alone is worth it.

It’s $5 for all your sites, not just one.

Thanks @thomas4 - at $5/Million it makes it the most expensive thing in my infrastructure stack (especially as CF Workers is just $0.50/Million) - but as Workers by itself has no built-in rate limiting I’ll definitely have to enable it.

@lionel - I’m currently not planning on using KV but yeah it’s definitely worth it for the other services I write to.