Is R2 the right fit for my company’s use case?

I was looking for an answer online but the information I got regarding the R2 terms of use is not very conclusive.

My company is in the process of developing a SaaS offering. Part of that offering is to store a large number of encrypted data blocks on object storage and send those to client machines upon request. The blocks are around 512k in size and each block stored in the object storage will be downloaded 2-4 times.

Since we are dealing with large quantities of these blocks, we will need several terabytes of storage short-term and up to a petabyte or more in the long run.

While I found the section “2.8 Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content” in the terms, it is not clear whether this applies to R2 and/or to paid accounts. Any clarification would be appreciated.

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Serving non-HTML content from Cloudflare R2 using Workers is allowed according to the Supplemental Terms for Cloudflare’s Developer Platform.

With that said, Cloudflare’s automatic abuse system currently cannot discern between disproportionate amount of non-HTML content served from Cloudflare R2 using Workers (allowed) and a regular origin server (not allowed). Therefore I would recommend reaching out to Cloudflare’s customer support before launching to have these abuse checks disabled. That way your zone won’t be wrongly throttled once you start serving large amounts of data.

Thanks for the swift reply! I have reached out the regular support.

Just a heads up:

This is from the Cloudflare Discord server. So it kind of looks like R2 is excluded from the limitations in the terms. But this would mean that they are no dedicated terms for R2. hmm…

Take a look at the link I sent in my previous reply:

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