Is R2 having connectivity problems?

R2 has been working all day but now seems to be sending back internal errors for everything since about half an hour ago.

e.g. PUT from worker
We encountered an internal error. Please try again

e.g. GET from worker
Error [ERR_HTTP2_STREAM_ERROR]: Stream closed with error code NGHTTP2_INTERNAL_ERROR

Is this normal intermittence expected because beta or am I missing something?

There was an incident with another service that affected R2 but I only had Internal Errors when using the S3 API personally - this shouldn’t be an issue anymore though, is it working now for you?

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I am having the same issue here. I’ve tried uploading files with both the AWS CLI and rclone.

Rclone for example gives the following error message on commands like tree or copy:
“InternalError: We encountered an internal error. Please try again. status code: 500, request id: , host id:”

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