Is port 22 blocked by Cloudflare by default


I have an ssh server running on port 22 and I’m using the free version of Cloudflare (no spectrum) to handle DNS. But it looks like port 22 is blocked by Cloudflare by default in proxy mode. Is it true? If I turn off proxy mode (DNS only), the ssh server is accessible. Is there a list of ports that are allowed or disallowed? I can run the ssh serve on another port if there is another port that is open.



Thank you for asking.

You’ll have to SSH to the IP address, or create a subdomain that’s set to :grey: so you can SSH to that hostname.
By default, Cloudflare doesn’t proxy the SSH connections. The only way to SSH to a hostname is to disable the proxy, which in this case would expose your origin host/server IP address to the public → I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

The list of supported and compatible ports with Cloudflare proxy :orange: can be found at the link below (web traffic):

Or by using Cloudflare Spectrum → Pro plan required:

Nevertheless, you can also use Cloudflare Access / Cloudflare Tunnel SSH:

I wanted to use Spectrum but it’s not a good fit due to the limits of data transferred and max concurrent connection:

For context, I’m trying to host the community server for GitHub - owenthereal/upterm: Secure Terminal Sharing which is essentially an SSH server as a service.

Thanks anyways, @fritex. I think I’m gonna turn off proxy mode and seek other ways to protect the ssh server.


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