Is polish really working well?

Hello, we recently added polish and mirage to this site

I checked to be sure, and I could see the “cf-cache-status: HIT”
but even if polish is working, is it working well ? because i really thought it would have much more effect than that…

I know that polish won’t apply if webp is not smaller than png or jpg…but here I am wondering if the results are good or not ?

Any thoughts ?

I’m surprised you’re seeing a HIT. I’m seeing two cache-control headers and a BYPASS.


so for you : it is not working ? any idea why ?

Here is what I had found while inspecting


Hello, do you know if our problem is related to the fact that we are loading our images through a subdomain ? (example : )
is there a special configuration to setup to that polish works well even if images are loaded this way ?


That one worked. It even converted it to a WebP for you.

Cloudflare will apply Polish/Mirage to the entire zone (main domain and subdomains) unless otherwise instructed by a Page Rule.

The nouvelles-agences one you just posted also shows a BYPASS for me. As long as that is happening, I won’t see faster performance out of your site. And just in case it’s just me, I also ran the site through GTMetrix and am seeing the same Cache BYPASS for images.

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