Is partner status required for ServerShield plugin


I have the Server and Site Security feature pack as part of my Plesk subscription and so I have the Pro version of the CloudFlare ServerShield extension. I can see my domains listed on the dashboard page however when I try to activate them it says to following:

“Cloudflare user exists, proper password required”

I cannot see anywhere to set a password and the only place to add an API key as far as I can see is in the extension activation page which requires you to be a CloudFlare Partner to activate by this method.

I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and if so, how did you get around this?



I guess maybe? The announcement alludes to it being available to everyone.

Whether you are a hosting provider looking to offer additional services to your customers, or a Plesk server user, you can access ServerShield with two easy clicks.

Hopefully someone else here knows more.

I would also recommend contacting plesk AT cloudflare (dot) com via email, as per the bottom of that blog post.

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