Is Pages a good option for headless CMS?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I wonder which CloudFlare service(s) fit my use case:

I (we) have a website builder platform, and we want to deploy built pages to be served directly via CloudFlare if possible. Ideally, we would like to be able to decide which URL to serve directly from CloudFlare, and which one to bypass that and go to our servers (for example, the ones that server private/dynamic information).

I looked into Pages, but it seems like it’s more focused on JamStack, and it requires a Git repo (per website?) to work. I also looked into Cache rules (which seems to work better in this case?).

Thank you for your advice and support.

Pages doesn’t really suits your use case based on your explanation.

But what you probably need is the SSL for SaaS feature, which allows your clients to CNAME to your domain and serves their website from Cloudflare CDN (of course dynamic content still goes to your server).

@erictung Thank you for your reply. We are use Letsencrypt for all sites now and so far have no issue. The clients are given server IP to point their domains to. We do plan to allow clients to provide custom SSL cert later, and will look into that SSL feature.

On that note, I wonder how services like Shopify manages to keep 1 single IP address for millions website to point to. They cannot possible use a single loadbalancer for that purpose right?

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They have a special contract with Cloudflare to handle that kind of setup. Basically when people points their domain to Shopify as A record or CNAME record, the traffic is actually routed to Cloudflare (although the IP address belongs to Shopify), and Cloudflare will handle the redundancy, high availability, load balancing, etc. I believe they are using Cloudflare Magic Transit or Private Interconnect to do this.

Did you see this article? Headless CMS is mentioned somehow

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