Is our DNS on Cloudflare redirecting through 302 redirect?

Hello, i have an issue with website, which uses DNS from Cloudflare.

Unfortunately I dont have rights at our company to view/change settings of Cloudflare as far Im unsure, that problem is there surely.

We have an problem of multiple redirects, which starts with 302 redirect which I think is done somehow on Cloudflare - but Im not sure, can you please verify/clarify for me, how this work and if its possible?

Thanks a lot

If you can’t even log into the Cloudflare account you’re going to have a bad time

Cloudflare wouldn’t be initiating a 302 redirect unless someone manually set up a Page Rule or Bulk Redirect.

The response headers indicate that the redirect is likely coming from your origin server, though. Namely the presence of cache-control and x-content-type-options headers. Cloudflare’s proxy doesn’t normally add headers like that on its own. So it’s probably just relaying a redirect that it received from your server.

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Thanks, that is what server manager says - so i will try to look up some issues on the server :slight_smile: Thanks

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