Is Orpheus and/or Tiered Cache available for Free plans?


I was just reading the blog post where it mentions multiple times it is available to all. I signed in to the dashboard to enable ‘Tiered Cache’ for a Free domain I have, yet there is no option to enable it …

Other blog posts are clear about features only being available on certain plans. For example the blog post about live analytics makes clear you need at least a Pro plan, or for instant logs, the Enterprise plan.

Can that be clarified? If a blog post says ‘all’ I interpret that as meaning Free plans too. Even if it says “ALL Cloudflare customers for free”.


You can buy it as an addon for $5 a month. There is no clear information but I think that enterprises do have a slightly enhanced version due to the network prioritization.

Thanks. Yep, I know that used to be the case. The blog post references that:

  • Tiered Caching is now available to all customers for free … Tiered Cache was previously a paid addition to Free, Pro, and Business plans as part of Argo.

So it sounds like it is now free. But … not available for Free plans?

Yes, Tiered Caching is being released to all plans. The dashboard has not been updated though as of yet. I’m not sure when it will be

Yeah there are multiple conflicts all over their website, I guess that the marketing and the engineering team aren’t always completely sync.

If the cache status is “transparent” you might be able to see if what you receive is Tiered, one of our customers uses another well known CDN and when the asset is cached, you get something similar to:
HIT France Spain (for example), which means that the CDN relied on another location to grab the assets rather than reaching out the backend. I have never tried this with Cloudflare tho, so I can’t confirm whether if this would work or not.

Ah, thanks both for your quick response.

Sounds like it will be available for Free plans too, from @Walshy. They just need to update the dashboard. Awesome.

It’s under the Caching tab. I’ve already enabled Tiered Caching on all my free and paid zones.

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I have this on a PRO account

I guess paid accounts have more details/analytics or perhaps I’m running on the old version

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Ah, neat. That option wasn’t there earlier when I posted. I found the same question on HN and Reddit. So it wasn’t just me :slight_smile:

They must have pushed an update to the dashboard in the past hour.

It’s probably slowly rolling out. I did mine a few hours ago.

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