Is origin server content cached once per CDN or once per edge server?

I tried about 20 different search engine queries but never got a direct answer to this question:

Does CF’s CDN cache origin server content: (a) once per edge server (~200), or (b) once per the entire CDN network?

This sentence reads to me as if (b) is the answer, but it’s a bit ambiguous: “Once the data is cached, the CDN serves the content to the client from the closest CDN data center.” (

My assumption is that the origin server serves the content to one edge server which then shares it with the other ~200 edge servers, rather than the origin server being required to serve the content ~200 times, once per edge server.

But I want to verify how it actually works, and not how I think it works.

I’m weighing the priority of adding Redis to my app. In the case of (a), I’ll likely hold off on Redis a bit longer. In the case of (b), it will jump to the head of the line.

Thank you.

Not correct. Every cache is independent. Even within a single datacenter, you may hit a few different servers, so you might not get a HIT on your second request. But that’s just in your closest datacenter. Someone in the next country will hit their own data center with its own cache.

There is tiered caching in Argo Routing that uses a regional cache.

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Thank you very much!

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