Is Origin CA cerfificate neccessary when I already have a Bluehost SSL certificate for my website?

If I don’t have it what are the consequences?
Also, I use full(strict) option on my cloudflare settings is that good since I don’t have Origin CA?

Everything works ok with full(strict) but I am not sure if its the correct setting.

A valid certificate is necessary, it doesnt have to be an Origin certificate. It can be e.g. a Lets Encrypt or any paid certificate as well.

If you are on Full Strict and everything works, you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Is the SSL not enough?

What do you mean by that?

You need two certificates, one on your server and one on Cloudflare.

Again, if you have Full Strict you are good to go.

I have a server Certificate but not a Cloudflare certificate because I need to buy a dedicated IP to install it on Bluehost and I can’t do that right now.

In this website, I checked my site and it doesn’t have a Cloudflare SSL. I have full(strict) activated. What can happen if I dont have Cloudflare SSL.
This is a link to my site:

I am not sure what your question is.

Yes but even though I have full strict, I still dont have a Cloudflare certificate. So if someone has full strict activated he doesn’t need Cloudflare certificate?

Which Cloudflare certificate?

You said you need 2 certificates. One on your server and one on Cloudflare. I have a free SSL from Bluehost but I haven’t created any other certificate when I joined cloudflare. I just set the settings to full strict.
When I go to this site:
to scan my website it says I dont have Cloudflare SSL but any other cloudflare website I have scanned has Cloudflare SSL.
So since I have full strict do I need Cloudflare SSL?

The certificate on your host is seemingly valid (otherwise Cloudflare would throw a 526 error). The proxy certificate is also correctly in place. So, as I said, you should be good to go.

I am not sure what that site you are using is checking but its output is not accurate. Your site appears to be properly configured.

I think its checking whether a site is using a certificate that is made from Cloudflare or not so since my website certificate isn’t made from cloudflare it doesn’t recognize it as Cloudflare SSL.
So in the end everything is ok so thanks for the help.

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