Is not a registered domain (Code: 1049)


I’m trying to add the domain to G Suite to use with a E-mail, for doing that I need to add DNS to it, so I’m trying to add the site to my Cloudflare accout and I get that error. (Please correct me if I’m wrong). I paid for the domain yesterday.

Can someone help me up with this?

Thanks in advance.

You havent set up any valid nameservers for that domain. You need to do that before you can set it up on Cloudflare.

How do I do that man?

Could you give me any tips?

I have access to the domain control panel, there I can add some DNS’s and administrate the account.

You need to point your domain to nameservers which can answer for it.

Sandro… I don’t understand, sorry. I work at IT in a primary school, I did not see any of this college. Could you please elaborate?

Please man.

You need the addresses of two nameservers which you can point your domain to and which answer for it. If your registrar doesnt offer any you could go e.g. for

No man. I don’t understand. I’m beginning to think that I learned nothing really interesting in college.

I feel dumb for the first time in 10 years working on this.

Hi @alvaroperezleon,

Somewhere in the control panel with the company where you registered your domain, there will be an option to change the nameservers.

To use Cloudflare, you need to point the domain to the two nameservers that Cloudflare give you. For example, and

Your domain has to be pointed to nameservers for the site to work. The nameservers are for wherever you have your DNS hosted.

Before you can add your domain to Cloudflare, however - it has to be pointed to valid nameservers so Cloudflare can query then for DNS records. Wherever you host the website should have nameservers you can point the domain to, or other services like the one mentioned by @sandro are available.

Once you have the nameservers setup and you have left them a bit to propagate, you should then be able to add your domain to Cloudflare and change the nameservers to point here.

Ohh yeah, I’m not THAT lost in this after all. I have access to change these nameservers, the thing is that Cloudfire has not given me any namerservers to point to.

Can I use those you posted or I need others?

I’ve checked all the tabs in my cloudfare account and I can’t find any nameservers,

Ok I used those you gave me and things seem to be working. Let me see if I can finally do this.

You will need the ones specific to your Cloudflare account, however you won’t be given these until you can add your domain (and get past the 1049 error). You will need to point the domain to external nameservers so Cloudflare can query them before you will get the ones from Cloudflare to change them to.

Now you look at this:

Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site

Thanks to everyone who posted here, specially you domjh, you gave me the nameservers that where missing in the first place.

Thanks to all of you, really. This is all for my older brother and his small bussines, he wants to use a domain email.

Thanks guys.

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