Is my Wordpress (occasional) blank home page a CloudFlare caching issue?


I recently did a sever migration. From that time one, one specific Wordpress site sometimes shows a blank white home page at the root URL, without error messages ( Later, the content for that page returns again, all by itself! This happens every day.

I never had this experience on the old server. So, this problem appears, persists for a while, and goes away all by itself. I should add that this is a static page that is being assigned in Wordpress to be the homepage. I should also mention that the rest of the site displays just fine at all times, as far as I am aware.

So, I am wondering if this might be a cache issue at Cloudflare. Is it possible that during the migration, Cloudflare cached a blank page while the site was in transition from one server to another, and displays this sometimes for some reason.

As you can see, I am almost totally non-technical, so your reply will have to be in similar vein please! Thank you.

Doubtful that it’s a caching issue but on the Caching tab in the Cloudflare dashboard you can click Custom purge and purge just your homepage from the cache.

A more likely suspect would be a plugin conflict. To narrow down which plugin is responsible, you will need to disable each of your plugins to find the culprit but since the problem is is intermittent, this will make a it a bit more difficult as you may have to wait a while to know if the problem is fixed.

Other possibilities would be your .htaccess file. You may want to load a default WordPress .htaccess to test. Ask your hosting support to swap in a default WP .htaccess for your current one.

Also check your WordPress settings > General >
WordPress Address (URL)
Site Address (URL)

make sure these are correct and match.

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