Is my Website getting attacked? (DDOS)

My Website got almost 80K Views past a Month, (FIRST MONTH).
My Website is an unfinished online shop for Refurbished PCs ( you cannot buy anything yet ).
Im wondering, how can i get so many clicks, i registered for google console, but didnt do much for traffic…

Im from Germany, and its reasonable that the german page got 60 K views from germany and makes sense, but is there any possiblity that these views are done mostly by bots or an ddos attack?

  • or is it realistic to get this amount of views?

if you family with google search console, then it can be good to study what is going on. Or you can check it on Google Analytics. Or you can use Clicky for analytics. Clicky will remove all fake traffic and it show only REAL traffic (Pro version, i did not use free so dont know if free can check real traffic)

It doesn’t look like a DDOS attack to me. Did you just registered the domain or do you have it for a long time? I ask because you may have registered a domain that was used in the past by someone else’s website, and it can have links pointing to it. And Googlebot is notorious for having a rather stubborn memory when it comes to old URLs. I have a domain that for a brief while had some URLs, which I soon changed to the ones I still use nowadays. That was over 10 years ago, but Googlebot every now and then still sends a batch of requests for the old URLs, even though they’ve been returning 404s since then.

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