Is my store settings correct

Hey everyone! I am so new at this having a domain on Shopify. Please bear with me… I set up my domain 2 days ago and the SSL is pending.

I reached out to Shopify support and was told that everything looks good. It takes 48hrs for the propagation and etc…

But what I really need to know is if I did my DNS and nameservers correct. It looks to me like Cloudflare will be in control of my store. I had removed the nameservers that were in place and put in 2 of Cloudflare nameservers.

I followed the steps to do this from different platforms. So now I need to know did I do this right? How can I find this out?

At this time, I cannot get into my store to do anything but add items.

Thanks for your help!

What is your domain?

And where are you experiencing problems? The site seems to work for me.

I appreciate you reaching out. I was able to get it figured out and I also reinstalled the Shopify app.

Thank you for your time :blush:

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