Is my site really cloudy?

I have 2 website. one my site is via .com domain, that is clouded finely; but another is via .IR domain, I think that is not clouded. because when I check my site with host detector tool, that show my original hosting. like: Host Detection - Who Hosts This Site?
How can I make sure my site ( is really cloudy?

To make sure your domain is proxied :orange: you have to make 3 things sure:

  1. your NameServer are set to the ones given to you by CloudFlare
  2. You turn on the :orange: proxy function in DNS settings
  3. you wait as long untill your DNS is propagated to all over the world and your TTL has passed by as devices has a local cache which they use for the lenght of the TTL.

After you have done all 3 steps open a shell and execute the command:


and check if the result is your origin IP or a CloudFlare IP.

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